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Danielle L. Forbes is a distinguished children's book author recognized for her Amazon best-selling and award-winning literature. With over a decade of international teaching experience, she seamlessly blends her passion for educating children with her commitment to supporting mothers. Although her global adventures have temporarily paused, Danielle continues to embark on daily journeys, navigating the ever-changing terrain of motherhood. Currently residing with her husband and two young children by the mountains in Tennessee, Danielle brings a unique perspective and a heartfelt touch to the world of children's literature.

Author Q & A
  • Q: What inspired you to write "Mommy Feels BIG THINGS"?

  • A: After many years of infertility, I was over the moon when my daughter was born. And then the unthinkable happened- after my miracle baby arrived, so did my Postpartum Depression. A few years later when my son was born, I had a lot more resources in place to ensure I had the postpartum support that I needed physically and mentally after he arrived. It was still rough, but at least I knew what was happening. I didn’t think about preparing my daughter for mommy’s mood swings until I saw how deeply round two of my PPD affected her. 

  • Q: Can you share insights into your writing process?

  • A: I like to take a topic that is causing familial distress, and then show children how to navigate through it in a healthy and uplifting way. I then map out my ideas on a plot diagram until things begin to come together, with more and more detail each round. What can I say? Once an ELA teacher, always an ELA teacher!

  • Q: What key themes do you hope readers will take away from your books?

  • A: I want my readers to find a reason for joy and for hope again. I want them to be able to see that they have the power to bring that to fruition in their own lives. Even little ones can do big things.

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