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Seven Surprising C-Facts You Wish You Knew
*Prior to the Procedure*

"Just C-Facts, Ma'am; and Nothing but C-Facts."

C-Fact #7: The Nausea is REAL. 

After a C-Section, many women feel guilt because they didn't (or couldn't) deliver vaginally. However, the majority of first time C-Sections are done as a last resort. In my own case, I needed to be induced due to major health concerns. Six doses of Cytotec and over 50 unmedicated hours of contractions later, I finally "succumbed" to the fact that my cervix just wouldn't dilate. It would take many months for me to stop feeling inadequate because I couldn't do it "the right way". I felt like I had cheated. In reality, 

C-Fact #6

C-Fact #5

C-Fact #4

C-Fact #3

C-Fact #2

C-Fact #1They have to cut through SEVEN layers during surgery.
Check out the (non-squeamish) video below.

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