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Are You One of Us?

Over half a million mamas. That's the annual average for repeat C-sections currently in the US. Each of these mamas will need to recover from major surgery upon meeting their newborn for the first time. Most of us would like to rest and recuperate after major surgery. However, when these ladies leave the hospital with their newborn C-baby, they will go straight back to being fully immersed in the most important position on the planet: being their children's mama. These strong women will be happy yet hurting, and whether they like to say it or not, they will need a little extra TLC!


As will any of the new older siblings in the family. Becoming an older sibling is as exciting as it is unsettling for our little ones; and it is only amplified when mama comes home with not only the new baby, but also one serious "boo-boo" on her belly. BIG THINGS: A Story for Older Siblings of C-Babies imparts positive, kid-friendly affirmations to help smooth out these big transitions. It also provides pro-recovery alternatives to formerly familiar family routines. Becoming an older sibling to a new C-baby just became a lot simpler!

Available on Amazon and in bookstores June 7th, 2022.

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