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Fun, Free & Oh So Helpful

-Your Kids Will Love This-

Hey, Mama! Snag this easy-to-use
Chores BINGO Game
to get the whole family involved
with helping out!

A great resource to use along with
of children's books.

BINGO Mockup (1).png

Giving Birth Again & Feeling a Little...

Copy of Copy of Mockup (templates).png


Take the perplexity out of planning
with these easy fill-in-the-blank
Pre & Post C-Birth Handouts, along with the upcoming children's book
BIG THINGS: A Story for Older Siblings of C-Babies.

It's time to prioritize, youmama.
Get your whole family onboard with supporting your C-Birth recovery.

·Reading Reminder                ·Hospital Info & Policy Guide
·Important Contacts & Info      ·Watching the Bigger Kids

·C-Section Recovery Tips
·Chores BINGO family game 

From hospital → home, we have you AND the fam covered!

Mom's Recovery


Make Mom a Priority & Get Proactive Today

Are you recovering from a C-Section and not quite sure where to start? Meet Janette Yee. She's a fellow C-Mama and Perinatal Therapist with nearly 20 years of experience in helping others recover.

After having my second C-Section, I really thought I "knew it all" in regards to how best to heal. And then I saw Janette on Instagram. The skies parted, the stars aligned and I started to actually feel empowered about recovering!


Copyright: Pictonat Photography


Janette has been a wealth of health information, as well as recovery tips and tricks. With her Proactive Mom Method, you can actually begin while you are still pregnant.

I cannot recommend her enough to help you on your recovery journey. Not sure where to start? Take this Program Placement Quiz to find out!

Copyright: Janette Yee

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